Diverse applications for our dosing technology

The technical possibilities for precise dosing technology in numerous contexts are extraordinary. In this article, we look at various technologies and key items such as certain valves, nozzles, and control units and show you the advantages.

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We are constantly evolving, which also applies to our products. As your expert for dosing technology, we will inform you about modern, intelligent solutions and will be at your side as a consulting partner if you have any questions. Here you will find all the articles you need for your projects on a professional level.

Volumetric grease dosing


What is volumetric grease dosing?

Volumetric grease dosing is the process or equipment by which fat and other pasty media are dispensed and applied in specific quantities. This is done mechanically and is designed by us in a way that all the coordinates of your system are taken into account. This includes the type of grease, its viscosity, the optimum quantity and much more.
Our goal is to always fulfil your requirements precisely. Our technology can be found in the food industry, for example, and is also indispensable in the automotive industry.

System programme for grease metering

WERUCON is your manufacturer for all the products you need for precise and reliable dosing of lubricants and similar products for volumetric grease dosing. This takes place within innovative manufacturing processes that require the greatest possible care and safety. Our solutions are suitable for almost all conceivable applications. Our expertise can be applied wherever pressing, stamping or manufacturing is required or where lubricants need to be applied for long-term use, for example on running rails.

Volumetric dosing valves: indispensable components for WERUCON® machines

The volumetric dosing valves (VDO) are available from WERUCON in a wide variety of forms so that you can select the right dosing spectrum for every application. They are used to dispense specified quantities precisely and reproducibly. Depending on the application and requirements, this is achieved in one of the following ways:

  • • portioning
  • • contact greasing
  • • contactless application
  • • shooting over distance


The variety of applications for volumetric dosing valves is astonishing. They are urgently needed wherever precise dosing of media is required. This is the case in various assembly contexts. For example, the precision rotary head is calibrated in advance, which carries out spot lubrication before assembly. These products are primarily used to adjust the desired quantity of solid lubricants. Depending on the VDO, you dose a specific quantity:

  • VDO 3 – between 0 and 50 mm³/stroke (very small quantities)
  • VDO 1 – between 30 and 250 mm³/stroke
  • VDO 2 – between 500 and 1500 mm³/stroke


How do volumetric dosing valves work?

A VDO contains an enormous amount of expertise, which is clearly reflected in the way it works. The respective medium is pressurised and transported directly from the material supply into the dosing chamber. The medium is dispensed in pulses with each stroke by a pneumatic drive of the volumetric dosing valve. To prevent the medium from escaping from the dosing chamber unintentionally, the chamber is closed by a non-return valve. For optimum control, the dosing stroke can be monitored by sensors. The discharge speed via compressed air control is of fundamental importance for the non-contact application. Although there is no contact, our excellent products also ensure that there is no misting. This is relevant for the safety of all users and the environment on the one hand, and saves material costs on the other. You only use exactly as much lubricant (grease, oil, pastes) as you need.

Operating modes VDO:

  • • single
  • • double-acting


What advantages do they offer?

Volumetric dosing valves offer particularly accurate and repeatable dosing of lubricates. They enable precise control of the dispensing process and minimise grease consumption. They are also easy to operate and require little maintenance. This means they deliver consistently excellent quality at work and contribute to economical operation.


  • • infinitely variable and linearly adjustable dosing volume
  • • accurate shooting
  • • precisely adjustable and easily reproducible
  • • high process reliability
  • • flexible fields of application
  • • excellent for solid lubricants


Dispensing nozzles: amazing technology from WERUCON®

WERUCON is your brand manufacturer for a wide range of standard and special nozzles. These are used on the dosing valves for specific applications. The most common methods are: contactless application, application of grease dots, spitting of grease. Depending on requirements, it is possible to press or spit grease over longer distances through the WERUCON nozzles. We have developed a whole repertoire of special nozzles to meet all the diverse requirements.

There are different types of dispensing nozzles, including spray nozzles, drip nozzles, venturi nozzles and many others. Each type of dispensing nozzle has its own specific characteristics and areas of application.

Servomotor and control unit

A servomotor and a control unit are components that enable the movement and control of the dosing unit. The servomotor controls the opening and closing of the valves, while the control unit monitors and regulates the dosing process.

Material pressure accumulator

The material pressure accumulator is a container that keeps the grease under even pressure and enables constant dosing. It ensures a continuous flow of material and minimises fluctuations in dosing. It is an innovative addition to the classic principle of a barrel feed pump.

Thanks to its design, the material pressure accumulator absorbs pulsating pressures from the conveying system and transfers them evenly to the dosing valve. The application is particularly suitable for sensitive media that may react to pressure and temperature fluctuations by segregating.

Small container removal unit

A small container removal unit refers to a device or system designed to facilitate the dispensing of liquids or other substances from small containers. Small containers are usually vessels with a smaller capacity, such as canisters, bottles, or barrels.

Our small container unit (KGE) is designed to prevent air pockets or segregation while extracting greases and pastes. Using the grease metering valve on the product, you can set the delivery pressure as required and adjust it to the medium up to a maximum of 10 bar.

Using a small container removal unit can help improve efficiency and safety when handling media by reducing the risk of spillages, overdosing, or other unwanted events.

Areas of application

The small container removal units are used, among other things, to remove small quantities of grease from containers or casks. They are used in areas where precise dosing of small quantities of grease is required or where larger containers would simply be oversized.

They are suitable for various media and are robustly produced. The entire dispensing process is quick and safe with them. Care and precision are required here, which we deliver to you with WERUCON® products. They are suitable for high-performance lubricants, which are typically used in volumetric grease dosing.

The advantages

Small container removal units enable accurate dosing of small quantities of lubricants and minimise material loss. They are easy to operate and offer an efficient solution for applications that require precise dosing. With our KGE, you can convey pastes and greases safely to the dosing valve and avoid air pockets. The product can be configured variably and adapted to different containers. An ideal combination is possible with the VDO 1, for example.

We are always available to answer your questions and advise you on individual products or work with you to determine which components you need from us for your project.

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