WERUCON – Your specialist for lubricant technology

WERUCON is a future-oriented and innovative company specialising in the development and manufacture of dispensing technology. Our skills and technical solutions enable us to develop customised dosing units and lubrication systems for various applications and industries.

We have been on the market as an engineering service provider since the early 1990s, quickly followed by a steadily growing range of services for special machine construction. Moreover, we are also recognised worldwide as a developer and producer of excellent dosing technology. We have been specialising in the production of application and dosing systems for oils for over 20 years. Additionally, we are also your specialist for dosing systems customised for pasty media (greases). Get to know us and our capabilities a little better!


The WERUCON fields of activity:

  • Special machine construction
  • Dosing technology
  • Engineering


What sets us apart – WERUCON as a valued service provider

Lubrication systems are one of our specialities, which are used in various applications such as the automotive, aerospace, food and beverage industries. We work according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and have already taken on projects worth up to 2 million euros.

We provide our more than 2500 customers worldwide with solid technology based on innovative development. We do not supply off-the-shelf products, but customise operating equipment for industry and the automotive sector. Every industry and every field of application has individual coordinates and therefore requires unique, customised solutions, which our engineering team designs and implements.

Greasing and lubrication require practical solutions that are as simple, safe and economical as possible. This is exactly what we achieve for our customers with WERUCON products. Oils are required in an industrial context for machining, assembly and forming. Greases, on the other hand – apart from assembly processes – are primarily used for initial greasing and encapsulation.

over 2500 Kunden worldwide

Technology and products from WERUCON

Working with a specific medium requires specialised technology and equipment, machines and accessories that must be precisely tailored to the task at hand. For this reason, we are in particularly close contact with our customers to find the best possible solution using our expertise.

Our engineering team develops and designs the items we manufacture for our customers. We also have a large repertoire of individual components available for lubrication or greasing. We combine them into a coherent and customised system for our customers using the modular principle.

Lubrication systems, pump technology and more

Our volumetric pump technology enables precise dosing of lubricants and other fluids, which ensures consistently high quality and efficiency in production. WERUCON products include highly specialised dosing nozzles, spray cells, hose fittings as part of the latest pump technology and spray valves for pressurised systems.

What is possible?

  • Conveying of different viscosities
  • Best overview thanks to scale with set delivery rate
  • Monitoring and a wide range of settings
  • Extremely robust design of our dosing pumps

Our metering units are used in various processes, such as bonding, sealing, lubricating and cleaning. Belt lubrication is indispensable in punching and various other forming processes. It enables precise dosing in a wide range of industrial applications – controlled, economical and efficient.

Lubrication systems including nozzles, adapters and more

With our lubrication systems, we can ensure efficient and precise lubrication of machines and systems, resulting in a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. In this complex, coaxial spray nozzles, specific connections and dispensers are required. As far as the respective dispensers are concerned, we offer various volumetric dispensing valves (VDO), small container dispensing units (KGE) and material pressure accumulators (MDS).

Expertise at WERUCON

Service and expertise at WERUCON

WERUCON provides you with a wide range of services, including customised products and our special machine construction, to meet all individual requirements of our customers. Our experienced team of mechatronics engineers, precision mechanics, industrial mechanics and industrial clerks enables us to develop and implement customised solutions. We also provide comprehensive support in the design and engineering of dosing systems to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution for their requirements.

WERUCON’s broad fields of application cover various specialisms and thus contribute to the success of highly technical industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Food & Beverage and many others. With our state-of-the-art technical solutions and our dedicated team, we are able to fulfil the diverse requirements of our customers and develop innovative solutions for the future. This results in systems that not only save material and money, but also incorporate the increasingly important ecological aspect.