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Dosing technology includes numerous devices and machines, accessories, and typical equipment for dosage. Metering units have different dimensions and characteristics depending on the place and area of application.

Automatic dosing units usually consist of a stand or a baseplate, usually with a protective casing, control and operating unit as well as various safety features.

Depending on the task, standardised dosing systems may also be required. Dispensing technology, especially in the industrial sector, is always tailored to the specific application and adapted to the relevant materials and processes. At WERUCON, we cover a wide range of applications and are considered as pioneers in the field of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).

Furthermore, strip lubrication and volumetric grease dosing belong to our main areas of expertise, setting standards in the field. Modern dosing technology includes a dosing system and the material supply. Its main task is in executing and regulating the metering process. The individual components must be of excellent quality to ensure that all processes up to material feed and dispensing are successful. Rely on WERUCON as your specialist and profit from its expertise and products that meet the highest standards.

High standards and constant improvement of dosing technology at WERUCON

As a German company from Bremen, we have been dedicated to the advancement of existing and the development of new dosing technology since 1993. In this field, we have been able to develop a number of exclusive products. Among other things, this applies to the field of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). What makes this technology unique is its flexibility. This applies both to the lubricants to be metered and their viscosities, as well as to the possible uses.

The central element of the WERUCON dosing units is their pump, which stands for process reliability and consistency. Another essential component is the dosing nozzle. The design supports the precise application of lubricants without creating mist, which would contaminate the environment with respirable droplets that are a health hazard. Thus, safety and efficiency go hand in hand with innovative progress. We strictly adhere to the standard requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


We are experts for state-of-the-art dosing technology. If you have any questions about dosing technology, please feel free to contact us.

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Minimum quantity lubrication

Minimum quantity lubrication is the ideal solution wherever friction needs to be minimised by using lubricants. A transition from one lubricant to another in a production process can entail very high costs for companies. MQL, however, is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.

Areas of application for minimum quantity lubrication:

  • drilling
  • turning
  • with band saw or circular saw
  • milling
  • thread cutting/thread forming
  • deep hole drilling
  • deformation processes
  • gear cutting machines
  • rolling
  • cutting
  • punching
  • roll forming
  • deep drawing

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Strip lubrication

In non-machining metal processing, systems for strip lubrication are in high demand. In this field, we offer a wide range of products. Their possible applications range from flooding to minimum quantity lubrication. The sophisticated technology is precise, easy to use and can be upgraded if necessary. This ensures the greatest possible operational flexibility.

Contactless oiling of strips and sheet metal in punching and forming processes has decisive advantages over other methods. Consistent results can be achieved even if the pre-shaped parts or metal sheets to be processed have irregularities. This improves the overall quality of the processing and increases the service life of the tools. With its strip lubrication products, WERUCON offers cost-effective, safe and flexible solutions for contactless lubrication.

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Volumetric grease dosing

In the field of volumetric grease dosing, our company is breaking new ground: the products operate at the lowest possible pressure so that even disperse mixtures can be processed without de-mixing. The volumetric output of a substance is uniform and fluctuations in viscosity are eliminated.

The safe conveying and precise metering of greases within modern manufacturing processes are important requirements. With its products for grease dosing and grease conveying, WERUCON offers comprehensive solutions for almost all applications.

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Application areas of modern dosing technology and requirements

WERUCON is a highly demanded partner for many industries, and is particularly well represented in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering. Smart dispensing solutions not only lead to good results and increase safety, but also contribute to efficiency and streamlining in many processes. Furthermore, we are always ready to discuss customised solutions and to offer our expertise to our partners. We will find the right product for your manufacturing requirements. We are your specialist for engineering services and customised dosing technology.


Industry overview:

  • Automotive industry, automotive suppliers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • construction industry
  • medical technology
  • Customised solutions for a wide range of sectors and industries


Standard dosing systems are used for various processes that require automation, such as sealing, greasing or oiling. In each case, there is the option of using standardised dispensing systems or selecting customised components. This decision depends on the type of processing, the equipment and the material.

Different dosing systems and standards are used: These are implemented fully or semi-automatically as dosing stations or as stand-alone systems. In the field of assembly technology, there are many varieties and custom-made products. We also offer dosing stations for equipment integration.

Extensive range of products for dosing technology

As dosing technology is very diverse, each system has different requirements. The medium, which may be liquid or solid, can be supplied in different ways. Containers and supply tanks are just as common as the supply via a connected feed.

The lubricants used are also highly specific. We select them to suit your cutting or non-cutting process, for milling, punching, or pressing and many other methods. WERUCON provides you with professional support thanks to our many years of experience.

Your advantages using WERUCON dosing technology

Over the years, we have continuously improved our technology and machinery. Nowadays, the dosing of the lubricants to be dispensed is very precise. Furthermore, it is also efficient and almost mist-free.

We offer our strip lubrication both as volumetric dosing systems and as pressure lubrication. The production is characterised by a particularly high level of production reliability thanks to contactless lubrication. Maximum flexibility is achieved thanks to spray systems that can be operated separately or in clusters. Another advantage is the excellent user-friendliness of the system. This is achieved by a user rights system, standard interfaces, automatic and storable positioning of the spray valve and an optional control unit including formula storage.

In times of high energy and raw material costs, we focus on intelligent and efficient solutions. Our minimum quantity lubrication, for example, is designed for a significant reduction in the use of lubricants while maintaining the same excellent quality. Another important factor is the environmental impact of our products. Our technology, especially the powerful pumps, significantly reduces the impact on the environment.


Our metering pumps are in-house designs that are capable of handling a wide range of liquids and their viscosities. This is relevant, for example, when liquids, such as punching oils, are exposed to fluctuating outside temperatures. Regardless of these influences, our dosing technology ensures operational reliability.

The geometry of the dosing nozzles is designed in such a way that, with the correct adjustment of the blast air, they do not allow misting with most lubricants commonly available on the market. This means that the air in the production area is generally not contaminated by aerosols that are hazardous to health.


The advantages of this technology are:

  • no need to change lubricants
  • no residues on workpieces, tools, or machines
  • Possible cleaning work is considerably less
  • No need for a complex coolant circulation system (drip tray, splash guard, filter)
  • longer tool life and faster cutting speeds are possible
  • better quality of the workpieces
  • no health hazards (toxic aerosols in the air or dermatological hazards from cooling emulsions)
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our systems or about dosing technology in general!

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