WERUCON: developing dosing technology since 1993

As a pioneer in the field of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), the company has set standards in modern dosing technology. What makes the technology unique is its flexibility: both in terms of the lubricants to be metered and their viscosities, as well as in terms of the possible applications. The core of the WERUCON dosing units for machining processes is the pump – it ensures process reliability and reproducibility. Another essential component is the dosing nozzle. The design supports the directionally accurate application of lubricants without fogging, which would contaminate the environment with harmful, inhalable droplets.


In the field of volumetric grease metering, our company is setting new trends: The products operate at the lowest possible pressure so that disperse mixtures can be processed without the occurrence of segregation phenomena. For non-machining metal processing, the company manufactures systems for belt lubrication. Here, too, the products are extremely versatile: the possible applications range from flooding to minimum quantity lubrication. The sophisticated technology promises precision, easy operation and changeover, as well as the greatest possible flexibility.

System range for strip lubrication

Contactless lubrication of strips and sheets in stamping and forming processes has decisive advantages over other methods: Even if the sheets or preformed parts that are to be processed are uneven, an even application can be guaranteed. This increases the service life of the tools and improves the quality of the manufacturing process. With its products for strip lubrication, WERUCON offers cost-efficient, safe, and flexible solutions for contactless lubrication. The WERUCON solutions are characterised by precise dosing, flexibility with regard to the lubricants to be processed and practically mist-free application. Thanks to the modular design, workpieces can be lubricated in any width. Depending on the requirements for flexibility and maximum quantities to be processed per hour, we offer belt lubrication systems as overpressure systems or as volumetric dosing systems.


  • Contactless oiling of strips, sheets, and parts
  • High level of production reliability
  • Process-reliable lubrication
  • Precise dosing
  • Mist-free application
  • Great flexibility thanks to spray valves that can be controlled individually or in groups
  • Optional control unit with recipe memory
  • Standard interfaces and user rights system
  • Automatic spray valve positioning that can be saved in the recipe

System range for grease metering

The safe conveyance and precise dosing of greases within modern manufacturing processes is an important requirement. With its products for grease dosing and conveying, WERUCON offers comprehensive solutions for almost all areas of application.

Volume metering valves

With the volumetric metering valves from WERUCON, dosing and contact lubrication are just as possible as non-contact application or dispensing over a distance. Different quantities can be applied precisely and with high repeatability. The volumetric metering valves are available in different versions, which differ mainly in the range of metering.

Dosing nozzles

WERUCON offers a range of standard dosing nozzles for use on the dosing valves. Depending on the intended use, they support contactless application, spitting of greases or the application of, e.g., grease dots. For special applications or very limited installation space, we offer special nozzles. Our volumetric metering valves are designed to push or spit the grease through WERUCON nozzles for longer distances, even after application. We have developed and built a wide range of special nozzles for customers.

Servomotor and control unit

Our servomotor and control unit provides a comprehensive solution in combination with the metering valves.

Material pressure accumulator

For grease conveying, we offer an innovative material pressure accumulator as an addition to the conventional principle of the barrel feed pump. This accumulator absorbs the high pulsating pressures of the conveying system and reliably transfers the media to the metering valve at a uniform pressure. High-performance greases in particular are often used in small containers. The sensitive media react to temperature and pressure fluctuations with separation.

Small container removal unit

Discover our small container unit, which has been specially developed for the removal of pastes and greases from small, commercially available containers. The unique design avoids air pockets on the one hand, and on the other hand it prevents the segregation of disperse mixtures due to high pressures as they occur with conventional units. The delivery pressure can be adapted to the medium and the grease metering valve, and is a maximum of 10 bar.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

Wherever friction is to be minimised by lubricants or preserved with a protective fluid, minimum quantity lubrication is a cost-optimising and environmentally friendly process. The changeover of lubricants in a production process is often associated with very high costs for companies. Our dosing technology is so sophisticated that the dosing units can be adapted to the preferred lubricants. This means that customers in machining and non-machining industries can rely on state-of-the-art minimum quantity lubrication without having to accept high changeover costs. MQL allows a significant reduction in the use of lubricants with reproducible greasing. This significantly reduces costs, but also lowers the impact on the environment. The prerequisite for this level of flexibility regarding lubricants or coolants is a powerful pump. Our metering pumps are in-house developments that are designed to pump a wide variety of liquids with their different viscosities. This means not only the variable use of liquids, but also process reliability even with fluctuating outside temperatures. Our dosing nozzles are geometrically designed in such a way that, with correct adjustment of the blast air, they do not allow any fogging with most lubricants commonly available on the market. This means that the air in the working area is generally not contaminated by harmful droplets (aerosols) that can enter the lungs.

Advantages of MQL

  • No changeover of lubricants required
  • No disposal costs for cooling emulsions
  • No residues on workpieces, tools, and machines
  • No cleaning work
  • No complex coolant circulation system. Collecting tray, splash guard, filter etc. are no longer required
  • Longer tool life
  • Higher cutting speeds are possible
  • Higher surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpieces
  • No respiratory air contamination due to toxic aerosols in the working area
  • No dermatological hazard as with cooling emulsions
  • No environmental pollution; our lubricants are biodegradable