strip lubrication

Modern strip lubrication with WERUCON

Strip lubrication is a method of lubricating various workpieces such as sheet metal during forming processes and punching. Machines and tools are protected by preventing greater friction, cold welding, and heat build-up. The technology allows such minimal wetting that only as much lubricant (air-oil mixture) as required is applied.

However, this method makes a sophisticated dosing technique necessary as well as a lot of know-how on the part of your employees. With WERUCON products, you are well-equipped for this. In the following, we will explain the procedure and the advantages compared to conventional processes. Depending on the field of application and the workpieces, adjustments to your production equipment are necessary.

How does belt lubrication work, and why is it used?

In principle, several substances can be used for lubrication, also known as spray lubrication.

Emulsions or fluids with additives are a viable alternative for establishing new lubrication processes. At WERUCON, we concentrate on exactly this dosing technology, which achieves a great effect with a minimum of effort. While strip lubrication is the best solution for the above-mentioned processes and accompanies forming processes effectively and safely, we offer minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) for various other processes.

Similar technical challenges arise with strip lubrication as with MQL. Here, too, the aim is to apply a sufficient, but sparingly dosed, quantity of lubricant exactly where it is needed. This is even possible for the contactless lubrication of strips and sheets if the workpieces or sheets are uneven.

Technical details and advantages of strip lubrication with WERUCON products

In order to be able to carry out this selective and precise strip lubrication, a significant improvement of the previous spraying technology was necessary. Using upgrades and mounting kits, you can retrofit existing machines and elevate your spraying or dosing technology to a new level.

Due to lower costs and an increase in the performance and service life of the equipment, investing into strip lubrication is cost-effective very quickly. The equipment for optimum strip lubrication without loss of cooling lubricant includes, for example, WERUCON’s automatic micro-dosing machines as well as special dosing nozzles, continuous flushing systems including innovative spray valves, level sensors and many other technical details. In addition, there are integrated maintenance units for a smooth operation. Furthermore, even customised versions are available.

This results in advantages in many respects, concerning working conditions, the environmental aspect as well as the budget of your company. We briefly break down these changes for you.

Occupational health and safety

The new methods of belt lubrication mean that fewer aerosols, which are potentially harmful to health, are released into the environment. In the past, there was always a risk of dermatological problems associated with wet processing and (outdated) spray lubrication. This risk for your workforce is prevented by WERUCON’s modern dosing technology (mist-free application)

Furthermore, there is an increased risk of slipping at production sites with wet processing in the immediate vicinity. Due to insufficient dosing, the lubricants accumulate unintentionally and become a source of danger. This can lead to accidents at work. In this respect, too, precise strip lubrication provides a remedy.

Environmental factors

The fewer lubricants or cooling lubricants (coolants) that escape, the lower the risk of environmental pollution. When carried out properly, such overdosing of lubricants no longer occurs during belt lubrication with WERUCON’s technical equipment. The quantity is exactly matched to the requirement and is adjusted individually.

Saving potential

In times of high energy costs and material costs, the financial aspect cannot be given enough room in the evaluation of innovations. Our modern technology requires only a one-time investment and allows a sensible and sustainable retrofitting of your equipment.

Production becomes more flexible and precise dosing of lubricants is possible thanks to individual or group-switchable spray valves. This leads to process-reliable lubrication. This not only improves the processing quality, but also the possible service life of the machines. Less maintenance, less cleaning and thus continuous operation save financial resources.

In addition, the amount of cooling lubricants used is massively reduced. In this context, additional storage costs or transport costs for frequent re-supplies are also eliminated.

Thanks to these and other advantages, the purchase of WERUCON dosing technology is a worthwhile investment and will benefit your company and the quality of your work! We support you in all questions regarding our products, technical conversion, assembly, and installation. We look forward to hearing from you.