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Strip lubrication is an innovative method in which various lubricants are applied to strips, sheets and various pre-formed parts before and during forming and stamping processes. Thanks to WERUCON® technology, this process is designed as contactless lubrication and is extremely precise thanks to state-of-the-art dosing technology. Large areas can be lubricated with high amounts of the medium, as well as very small ones using minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). We will show you the advantages of WERUCON and the possibilities for your industrial applications with our products.



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Variety of applications and challenges in belt lubrication

We have been active in the industry for many years and have specialised in highly complex dosing technology, its improvement, installation and maintenance. Belt lubrication technology is a fundamentally important topic in many specialised areas of metalworking and can be used for different projects and work processes.

With our technology and engineering services from WERUCON, we are long-standing suppliers to the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. We know the problems and challenges during the production and processing of moulded parts and more. The following questions are crucial in this context:

  • • How do I lubricate correctly?
  • • How do I lubricate the workpiece as precisely as possible?
  • • How should nebulisation and occupational safety be handled?
  • • How can loss or waste of lubricants be avoided?
  • • How can a system be customised for specific purposes and lubricants?
  • • How can I prevent short service lives?
  • • How can I lubricate workpieces of different dimensions easily and effectively?
  • • How can consistently good quality be guaranteed during processing?


These and other questions and challenges were the motivation for us to design a dispensing technology that achieves the best results in belt lubrication. Some of the above questions are solved simply by contactless application via special dispensing nozzles, such as flat spray nozzles, valves and micro-dispensing systems.

WERUCON® technology for belt lubrication can be applied without contact, making the shape of the parts to be lubricated almost irrelevant. Uneven surfaces are no problem as well. Thanks to the flexible adjustment options – up to a workpiece width of 2,000 mm – workpieces of different sizes are oiled quickly and precisely. On the one hand, this ensures consistently high quality in production and, on the other hand, is particularly cost-efficient and safe. We can thus increase the service life of the machines, which also has a positive effect on your costs.

The benefits of WERUCON for belt lubrication and co.

We make products that you can use flexibly for your needs. With the WERUCON® systems for contactless belt lubrication, there is no fogging. This has several side effects: Firstly, it is beneficial for the health and safety of employees and for the environment. Although an enclosure or mist chamber is available from us as an optional accessory, it is not usually necessary.

Secondly, the respective lubricant is dosed and applied in exactly the quantity you need. There is therefore no dripping. Thanks to the special nozzles, the workpiece is evenly lubricated everywhere during belt lubrication. Precise lubrication means you don’t waste any lubricant and can work cost-effectively.

Dosing Technology - Strip Lubrication

Your benefits at a glance:

  • • enormous production reliability thanks to reliable lubrication processes
  • • less lubricant used thanks to precise dosing
  • • mist-free application without dripping
  • • two-substance feed is possible
  • • maximum flexibility thanks to spray valves that can be switched individually or in groups
  • • high level of user-friendliness, for example with fast spray valve positioning
  • • customised configuration options and special designs
  • • solid and reliable design that allows for low-maintenance operation
  • • savings thanks to efficient use of lubricants, long service life and prevention of cleaning-intensive contamination, no disposal costs for cooling emulsions


What does the customisation of WERUCON® technology for belt lubrication involve?

In this case, customised means several things. Our products, whether complete solutions, positioning systems or certain other components, can be flexibly adjusted. A customised configuration is therefore possible. The nozzles or the mini spray cell, including the adjustable belt guide, are set up as required for your production. A modular design makes it possible, for example, to lubricate different sized or irregular workpieces with various edge lengths in the same simple way without having to use a completely different system.

Furthermore, our belt lubrication technology is designed so that you can use a number of lubricants, such as oils or greases of different viscosities. This also makes work considerably easier for you and your employees. It replaces a complete changeover – which was necessary in the past – with just a few setting changes in the cosmos of WERUCON® products.

Product overview of WERUCON® technology:

  • • WERUCON® complete system, including:
    • • belt lubrication
    • • continuous spray system (DSS)
    • • internal tool lubrication
    • • centric positioning system (ZPS)
  • • dispensing variants:
    • • MDA, automatic dispenser
    • • MDB, dosing box
    • • overpressure systems
  • • various customised solutions for our customers
  • • various configurations of WERUCON® systems, for example for:
    • • switch cabinets
    • • lubricant supply
    • • spray valves
    • • mounting traverses
    • • control unit
    • • enclosure (optional)


What options are available if a very specific customised solution is required?

At this point, at the latest, you will hardly find anything comparable in our industry. WERUCON is your partner for special machines and fixture construction, which we design as customised products for your infrastructure. This is the only way to guarantee reliable and precise lubrication in cutting and non-cutting metal processing.

But that’s not all: as part of the WERUCON service, we not only manufacture your belt lubrication systems so that they can be fitted precisely into your infrastructure. We also deliver them to you ready for operation and provide support and maintenance. As an innovative technology supplier for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), we work in partnership with lubricant manufacturers – for perfect solutions to meet your needs.


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