Volumetric grease dosing

WERUCON’s metering valves and the entire portfolio in the field of grease metering and belt greasing are used in the processing industry worldwide. WERUCON offers systems for a wide range of applications, such as minimum quantity lubrication, grease dosing or belt greasing. These are characterised by the highest flexibility and process reliability and can be precisely adjusted in terms of dosing quantity.

In volumetric grease metering, you will find modular solutions.


What is volumetric grease dosing?

Volumetric grease metering refers to the process and equipment used to measure and deliver accurate quantities of grease in industrial applications. This is the application of pasty media such as grease, which is essential in many industrial processes, from automotive manufacturing to food processing plants.


System programme for grease metering

The safe conveying and precise dosing of greases within modern manufacturing processes is an important requirement. With its products for volumetric grease dosing and grease conveying, WERUCON offers comprehensive solutions for almost all applications.

Volumetric dosing valves

With WERUCON’s volumetric dosing valves, portioning and contact greasing are just as possible as non-contact application or shooting over a distance. Different quantities can be applied precisely and reproducibly. The volumetric metering valves are available in different versions, which essentially differ in terms of the metering spectrum.

The volumetric metering valves are therefore used wherever the exact metering of media is important, e.g., in spot greasing, they precisely set the desired metering volume via a precision rotary knob before assembly. The metering valves are also precisely matched to the requirements of solid lubricants.

The volumetric dosing type VDO 1 valve can be used to accurately dose different media. It is suitable for portioning and for contactless application at dosing rates between 30 and 250 mm3/stroke. At WERUCON, you can find different models of dosing systems: The volumetric dosing valve type VDO 2 is identical to type VDO 1 in its application but is suitable for larger dosing quantities between 500 and 1500 mm3/stroke. With type VDO 3, you get a volumetric dosing valve for dosing quantities between 0 and 50 mm3/stroke, i.e., for very small quantities.


How do volume metering valves work?

With the volumetric metering valve, the medium is conveyed from the material supply into the metering chamber under pressure. A pneumatic drive ensures that the medium is discharged in pulses with each stroke. A non-return valve then closes the metering chamber so that the medium cannot escape in an uncontrolled manner. You can operate metering valves either single-acting or double-acting. In the non-contacting application, the discharge speed is decisive, which is set via the compressed air control. You can monitor the metering stroke via sensory interrogations.


What advantages do they offer?

The volumetric metering valves offer a variety of advantages: In addition to the particularly precise dosing due to the infinitely variable and linear adjustment of the dosing volume, they score points with accurate shooting. Furthermore, they convince with their flexible application possibilities: For example, you can choose a coaxial dosing head with spray air connection or an adapter for application nozzles. Since the metering quantity can be set so precisely, it can be reproduced very easily. Thanks to a cylinder switch that monitors the position of the metering stroke, the models guarantee high process reliability. The volumetric metering valves are ideal for solid lubricants because the low inlet pressure prevents segregation of the lubricant.


Dispensing nozzles

WERUCON offers a range of standard dosing nozzles for use on the dosing valves. Depending on the application, they support the contactless application or spitting of greases or the application of grease dots. For special applications or very limited installation space, we are happy to supply special nozzles. Our volumetric metering valves are designed to push or spit the greases through WERUCON nozzles for even longer distances after application. We have developed a wide range of special nozzles for our customers.


Servomotor and control unit

Our actuator and control unit complement the metering valves to create a complete solution.


Material pressure accumulator

For grease conveying, we offer an innovative material pressure accumulator as a supplement to the conventional principle of the barrel feed pump. This accumulator absorbs the high pulsating pressures of the conveying system and reliably transfers the media to the metering valve at a uniform pressure. High-performance greases in particular are often used in small containers. The sensitive media react to temperature and pressure fluctuations by segregating.


Small container removal unit

Get to know our small container unit, which was specially developed for the removal of pastes and greases from small, commercially available containers. The unique design avoids air pockets on the one hand, and on the other hand it prevents the segregation of disperse mixtures due to high pressures as they occur with conventional units. The delivery pressure can be adapted to the medium and the grease metering valve, and is a maximum of 10 bar.


Areas of application and advantages of the small container removal unit

In the field of volumetric grease metering, small-bin extraction units are often used for high-performance greases, as these greases are very viscous or contain very small solid particles and tend to segregate. The unit safely conveys pastes and greases to the metering valve, thus preventing air inclusions. In addition, it is possible to configure your small container removal unit according to customer requirements so that it is precisely matched to the container. It can be operated with almost all low-pressure grease metering valves. For application, they are combined with volumetric metering valves, such as the VDO 1.