Centric Positioning System

Centric Positioning SystemWerucon Durchlaufsprühsysteme

In metal forming technology, the even and precisely dosed wetting of surfaces is decisive both for the quality of the machining and for cost efficiency. Thus, during set-up and changeover work, the spray valves must be adjusted to the sheet width in terms of their distance from the workpiece as well as in terms of their distance from each other in order to achieve a uniform spray pattern.

specificationWerucon Durchlaufsprühsysteme - Centric Positioning System

With conventional systems, positioning requires a great deal of intuition, experience, and patience. With the Centric Positioning System, changeover is quick: With the help of the CPS, the spray valves, which are designed for the uniform and finely adjustable application of lubricants of different viscosities, can be infinitely adjusted to the desired total spray width manually via a handwheel or automatically by means of an electric motor. Both the distance to the workpiece and the distance between the spray valves are adjusted. Optimised for our spray valves with a maximum lubricant-dependent spray width of 200 mm, the CPS aligns the valves so that overspray can be easily avoided. This significantly reduces the time required for setting up or converting the system, especially when it is operated with the integrable DSS control unit.

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