Continuous spraying system

Continuous spraying systemWerucon Durchlaufsprühsysteme

The continuous spraying system is the proven solution for strip lubrication in non-cutting metal processing. The customisable system combines the precision of dosing and minimising the use of lubricant with the requirements of strip lubrication. The continuous spraying system enables the low-mist, contactless application of optionally up to two lubricants.

specificationWerucon Durchlaufsprühsysteme - Continuous spraying system

The continuous spraying system is an overpressure system. The basic system consists of the mounting traverse with the required number of spray valves, the tank with lubricant supply line and the control cabinet. The precision spray valves with integrated volume flow throttling are designed for different viscosities. The special physical properties of the flat spray nozzle guarantee an even and process-safe application of lubricant. Each of the high-quality nozzles sprays surfaces up to a width of approx. 200 mm without dripping. An enclosure or cloud chamber is usually unnecessary, but can be supplied as an optional extra. The control cabinet has control displays for the lubricant delivery pressure and the spray air intensity. The exact and reproducible setting is made via precision pressure regulators. The spray valves can be switched individually or in groups. The selection of a second lubricant feed, if required, is also made in the control cabinet.

The complete solution for strip lubrication offers a highly flexible system for lubricating strips and sheets with the continuous spraying system, the control unit and the centric positioning system. The solution allows processes ranging from precise minimum quantity lubrication to flooding. The customisable system can be integrated into existing automatic production processes. This makes it ideally suited for reducing lubricant costs in the many applications of strip lubrication, reducing the time required for set-up and changeover processes and improving the quality of the surface of the production parts.

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