Spray valve SPV2

Spray valve SPV2Werucon Sprayventile

The spray valve with the flat jet nozzle or round jet nozzle offers a uniform and process-safe application of lubricants. The flat jet nozzle can be used up to a spray width of 200 mm. The high-quality flat-jet nozzles are used in particular for belt lubrication. For applications in which a precise application of lubricants is to be achieved, the use of the valve with the round jet nozzle is recommended. The spray pattern is round to conical. The precision spray valves are designed for different viscosities.

specificationWerucon Sprayventile - Spray valve SPV2

The coaxial plug-in system of WERUCON products allows the spray valves to be used with WERUCON metering nozzles for different applications. The round jet nozzle has a circular opening from which the medium is sprayed precisely onto surfaces or defined application fields. The air flow surrounding the medium prevents "fraying" of the spray pattern.

DatasheetsWerucon Sprayventile - Spray valve SPV2

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