Small container removal unit

Small container removal unitWerucon Fettförderung

The small container removal unit is designed for the removal of pastes and greases from small containers. Due to its design, air inclusions are prevented and the segregation of disperse mixtures caused by high pressures, which occur in conventional systems, is avoided. The delivery pressure can be regulated up to 12 bar, depending on the medium and the grease metering valve.

specificationWerucon Fettförderung - Small container removal unit

Grease feed pumps for supplying valves cause very high pressures, often up to 200 bar. In order to reduce these pressures for the metering valves, pressure reduction systems must be used. With this unit, even highly viscous media are conveyed at the target outlet pressure, directly from the small container to the metering valve. This prevents segregation of the greases or dispersions. Air pockets that impair precise application are avoided by the design.

  • Low pressure to prevent segregation
  • Avoidance of air inclusions
  • Process-safe
  • Can be configured to customer specifications
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Coaxial plug-in system for metering valves

DatasheetsWerucon Fettförderung - Small container removal unit

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